Following is a list of selected customers to demonstrate the quality of work provided by Culliton Consulting. Feel free to contact any of these customers and use them as a reference.

Movie Usher

Movie Usher is the best online source for DVDs. This site uses the latest Web Services technology to retrieve updated data directly from The Web Services Client incorporates the Microsoft .NET Framework. All of the movie information comes directly from but, you never leave the Movie Usher web site. (Visit Site)


Curtoons Creative Services, run by graphics designer Curt Dawson, provides professional quality graphics for almost any need. Curt created the logos and color schemes for Movie Usher, The Ball Penn and of course his own web site. Culliton Consulting was chosen because Curt needed someone who would be flexible and could work with the specific requirements. (Visit Site)

The Riley Group

As inventors, The Riley Group must have interactive, exciting web sites to market their inventions and products. Culliton Consulting has been the primary consulting company for all of The Riley Group web sites. (Visit Site)

The Ballpenn

The Original BallPenn is a new, innovative, and fun way to store your sports balls. The BallPenn will quickly organize your garage, playroom, or classroom. Culliton Consulting was chosen to help make the BallPenn web site a fun and entertaining place to visit. (Visit Site)

The BookDesk

The Book Desk in another great invention from The Riley Group. It is a compact product that, when inserted into a book cover, becomes a portable writing desk. This site is a functional site describing the product and providing a Flash demo to show how the product works. (Visit Site)